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Jul 31
Good morning to all traders, bulls & bears
Please read the details we mentioned below the chart carefully. Thank you for your support 

In the last update, we talked about this weakness from bulls on 1H / 4H / Daily weekly Monthly time frames and our action was looking for a dump to $8700/8200 third support in our plan from $13750 but if btc didn`t follow that and breakout $9750/9900 probably, in this case, we will trade btc !!

Another 24 H passed and btc still move between $9700/9400 Below
and there No breakdown or breakout out except btc is holding all this time above $9100, although with this bad performance On the weekly/Monthly this holding is a good thing

Current movement:
Btc move below ( SMA 200) There chance for M Top if bulls fails to breakout!!

Btc Moves inside Descending channel below Upper Trendline ( SMA 50)

Daily TF
there a wedge and Another close above $9100 the main support for a current trading range between $9100/10500/11500!!

Current action:
we looking for a dump to $8700/8200 third support in our plan from $13750
But if btc breakout $9750/9900 probably, in this case, we will trade btc 
if you follow TG We took an early action with a low-risk ratio, due to login and update there, is easier than TV and we explained why

About our retracement plan from $13750 !! 
the plan was about dips to
$10500 Btc Hit and rebounded twice
$9500 Btc Hit and rebounded twice
$8200 still active
$7400 still active
$6600 still active

As we explain before breakdown $9100 daily will come with selloff for btc and support below this level comes at
we looking for entry from these levels
Nothing changes in our plan, as long as, btc move below
In the short term, This plan still active as long as btc moving below $10500/11500 daily
In the Midterm, This plan still active as long as btc moving below $13750 daily

During this movement between $13750/9000, we shared many signals for movement and traded it, as you know we trade only long positions without leverage, so even if we expect dump we keep trade with movement!!

we were waiting for dump $13750

from $12800/13200 we were waiting for dump

from $11750/12000 we were waiting for dump

from $10650/10850 we were waiting for dump

from $11050/10750 we were waiting for dump

from $9200 we were looking for scalping 

About our prediction Since breakout $5500?! ( Long Term) 
Btc moving in a critical range, the whole movement can be a trap or real recovery, but as we said before close above $7500 means btc takes first recovery step, but to confirm more bullish steps, btc still need to move, so putting prediction, it’s like gambling with current movement!!
But anyway as long as btc hold above $5500 Monthly we expect more growth for btc and the bullish view will confirm by breaking $13500 monthly (was 11500 we change it to 13500) due this bad performance on monthly frame

After all, you need to know
The expectation does not mean imposing what you want on a fait accompli
It’s just a conclusion from the current movement of what will happen in the future
But does not necessarily mean the success of that conclusion
anyway…, the reality and what happens, is the movement on which we sell and buy based on it, not the expectation. so if our expectation succeeds, we trade depending on movement, if it fails, we follow and trade with movement also, so we trade and care about movement more than expectation!!
So if btc follow what we expect this will be nice, but if fail to do that we care about movement and how to trade it no more.

we don`t short btc but we analysis bullish and bearish movement to extract best entry levels for btc !!
we don`t use leverage in our signals never!!

Our analysis contains two types of updates: 
1-short term updates
In these updates, we talk about current movement with support and resistance for it and conditions to complete the main trend like this update about movement between $$9100 $11500

2- Mid&Long term updates
In these updates, we talk about the main trend and major support and resistance and best buy zones for trend, and retracement levels and ATH targets also we add perdition for the next movement

To avoid confusion 
As a daily trader, you should care about short term updates only
As an investor, u should be looking for Mid&long term updates
For us as analysts, we care about these two types due to all of them running into one cycle!!

All updates and analyses shared on TV and TG you can check them one by one you are free to leave your feedback there!! 

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay

Jul 31

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We ask Allah reconcile and repay

Jul 31
Trade closed: target reached: #BTC/USDC Take-Profit target 3
Profit: 3.2102%
Period: 12 Hours 30 Minutes
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Aug 1

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#BTC Morning updates ( 1/8/2019 )

We ask Allah reconcile and repay


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