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Good morning to all traders, bulls & bears
Please read the details we mentioned below the chart carefully. Thank you for your support


The scenario for holding above $9100
If The Bulls held btc above $9100/9000 well without close daily below it i next 24 H

This will be a chance for Double bottom pattern ( and there is Bullish Divergence , supporting it.
Weekly Frame show bad performance for btc also weekly

for us we looking for more dips by close below $9100/9000 daily
But if btc fail to close below that and bulls defend well about this levels, btc will rebound again to $9900/10500 !!

Our Current action:
wait for daily close and next 24 H performance for bulls,
if no close come below $9100/9000 we will trade btc above these levels with stop_loss close daily below $9100/9000 risk will be about 5%, always our signals come with risk 1 to 2.5% max 3.5% so this is a big risk !! to take it !!

About our retracement plan from $13750 !!
Nothing changes in our plan, as long as, btc move below $10500/11500 daily, we still looking for more dips !!
breakdown $9100 / $9000 daily, will come with selloff for btc ,
and support below these levels comes at
and we looking for entry from these levels

In the short term, This plan still active as long as btc moving below $10500/11500 daily
In the Midterm, This plan still active as long as btc moving below $13750 daily

During this movement between $13750/9000, we shared many signals for movement and traded it, as you know we trade long movement only without leverage so even if we expect dump we keep trade with movement!!

we ask Allah reconcile and repay

Jul 30
Comment: New Update
we ask Allah reconcile and repay

#BTC Morning updates ( 30/7/2019)


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