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San Crypto

Technical Analyst | Crypto Consultant | Fundamental Analyst

San Crypto is a professional trader, Fundamental analyst, and money manager has spent 2 years in financial services and trading/market analysis was part of his professional job during those years in wealth management, joined Tradingview ( since Jul 2018 and he published more than 100 idea and successful trades for Tradingview Community
Influenced by
Charles Dow
Richard Wyckoff
Benjamin Graham
Warren Buffett.



Professional Trader

Mark is a professional trader, technical analyst and money manager with 5 years trading experience. joined Tradingview since Mar 2017, The main covered markets are Cryptocurrency, Metals. Provides trading ideas and educational materials for those who are interested in profitable trading. he published more than 800 idea and successful trades for Tradingview Community, He ranks consistently within the TOP 35 TradingView ( authors. His trading style combines different strategies based on mathematic analysis, price action, patterns, and moving averages, Ichimoku.
Influenced by
Leonardo Gulielmi
Charles Dow
Jesse Livermore
William Delbert Gann
Nick Stott
George Soros and Michael Burry.

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