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Here are Some TradingView Feedbacks:


Amazing char and education, like always! Thank you, friend!



Mashallah , you are the best and always best calls. 

thanks you so much brother.



asSalamu aleikum brother, ma shaa Allah you are making very good analysis, I wish you all the best in both worlds.




Everytime I forget to get in after your signals I find myself just seing how i missed profits. 

You are doing a wonderfull job and sharing with us your knowledge is a great gift.



Thank you for your ideas! Your analysis are very accurate. 
Like your telegram channel 🙂



Very good work, keep up my brother, your work is very appreciated and much thanks. Without your help and work many of us would be lost in the big sea.


Great analysis and plan as always dear brother. Knowing the possible price pathway and scenarios will help a lot of people, and hopefully will avoid panic. Great work!!




trading is a not only a math skill but also discipline and mind-state. 

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and calmness.



you here so no losese 😀



Truthfully good post. Simple idea but contains so much info in the chart. Sadly so little views comparing to other 50k views post which contains literally NO information. Results speak louder than VIEW COUNT. Good job



Thank you! Amazing words!


Thanks Bro, its brilliant and crystal clear writing…but many of people who joining signals doesn’t know what is capital management, maybe you can give some example to make it clear for them. Thanks again. 



Dear HamadaMark… I really appriciate your approch and prediction . and you are a genuine person , helping your followers without any greed . Allah bless you dear friend…!


perfect,profitable and best as always,Thanks brother.You are a money printing machine.God bless you and your family.


@HamadaMark, Thanks brother…Good to thank allah to sent a good and educated friend like you to our life….thanks gentleman,



amazing post. we thank you for your clear thoughts!


Xenopredato ( Trader)

Epic post, really nice! Keep up to good work!



assalam o alaikum 
you are the best analyst here. 
Thanks, All Thanks to Allah, HE is our teacher and guide in that life.
we pray Allah reconcile and repay Aameen.

takaratengu ( Trader)

Thank you so much Mark for this wonderful deluxe edition. Liked, followed and really appreciated. Good luck to you from Tengu in Japan


Here are some Telegram VIP Group Feedbacks:


BobB ( VIP )

Hi Mark- I have been a paid VIP member for about 3 weeks now and I very much appreciate the time, effort and expertise you personally dedicate to the signals. I have been following your signals and risk management techniques diligently and have made profit every day. I consider myself to very fortunate to have found you and the VIP signals. If you ever need help please let me know. Thank you!


Em5ty (VIP)
Us aleikum assalam my dear brother
I have to tell that your service is one of the best in the world, ma shaa Allah, barakaLlah brother


Musab Elkobani (VIP)

Salaam brother
I really from my heart ask allah to grant you the best. Your service is top class and I already voted in the vip channel that is reliable, transparent and accurate.

Thank you for the knowledge, dedication and everything else.


Haff ( VIP)
Hi Hamada,
I think the service is transparent and very detailed and offeres a lot of opportunities.


Mike ( VIP)
Most reliable and accurate service 👍🏻 you guys are the best excellent job

Mehmet (VIP)
Actually, you guys are so proffesional. I saw that, people can feel safe with you guys. I read all trades, most of them ı couldnt trade bc of lack of money but ı am fully appreciated.


Filippo Proietti (VIP)
hello mark, i found your service very accurate
Easy to follow

hi! fully respect your service. i choose the first one: The most transparent, reliable and accurate service! but now i don’t trade active because of my own mistakes

Noddy Hodler (VIP)
I have seen many signals by other analysists – many based on hope and expectations more than realism and proper analysis – the majority have failed. Your signals stand out in their acuracy – I know everyone gets it wrong – but we are looking at maximising probability averages – you do this extremely well…. Thank you again for everything! My kindest thoughts to you….

Julia (VIP)
Hello , Mark! Thanks for big lesson for me, Professional trade and profi signals from Mark. There is no hesitation that you will earn money due to these signals. Just be quick to make everything what he gives. Plenty of cryptopairs and plenty of work to do with them). Also i found a lot of useful information for trading due to his lessons. Thanks a lot.


Saif (VIP)
Your service is the most consistent and well managed service ive ever seen, portfolio management like no other, small lessons sprinkled in that are actually very beneficial for the new readers I think you my friend have one of the best groups in town


Tom Jansens (VIP)
Salaam Dear Hamada Mark Bro,

The most transparent, reliable and accurate service!

Full of details with good explanation for noobs and less educated people

I like your service a lot!

Thank you for your great effort :pray:

Noddy Hodler (VIP)

Hello dear friend. I have been watching your signals and following and believe that in the current difficult market conditions it could be a very effective service, To tell the truth I haven’t used it properly – I have been psychologically trapped in sinking alts because of a reluctance to sell at a loss. I think like many people, although I have been expecting for months one more significant wave down – I have also been over-bullish and hoping for a bull run like last year – as a result I have been reluctant to sell alts at a loss. I realise now that I should have been brutal and just sold half of my portfolio at least and began trading a new strategy based on market conditions and with high regard to your signals. If I had properly followed your advice I would have done a lot better. It just feels like I would be selling bottoms of everything. I think your strategy is the most comprehensive and safest strategy I have seen. You provide a complete end to end portfolio and capital management

Deve Scie (VIP)
Salam Mark.
Sorry I’m reponding you late. That’s because I wanted to give my honest opinion about your VIP service which is probably long )). ✍️
First of all, I want to say thank you that you asked my opinion despite me being there as a gift member; Usually people who pay for the service can have a say. But, you cared about my opinion and I am thankful for that. :bow:
What I like most about your VIP service:
1️⃣ Capital Management – you call for no gambling
2️⃣ Middle/Long Term Investment – your clients do not have to sit all day in front of computer like swing/day traders
3️⃣ Fundamental analysis – important news, your summary for projects and etc
4️⃣ Trading tips/lessons – you don’t just give us a fish but teach us to fish
5️⃣ Psychoanalysis – your BTC signals are not based just on TA or FA, but also on emotions of crowd and possible plans of whales.

What I think should be improved:
1️⃣ Your service is for people with middle/high socioeconomic status – You have many signals and to follow them one should have at least $30k+ in their initial balance and I think you should mention that in your promotions (or when people want to join).
2️⃣ Absence of priority for signals – You recommend to invest 3/5/8% of capital based on the risk of signal, that’s good but I think that’s not enough. I think it would be better to have priority for investment options, so people can know from which coin to start investing.
3️⃣ Please give more trading tips I loooove them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Mohammad Amin (VIP)
سلام علیكم
The most transparent, reliable and accurate service!
Thank you :heart:


Bro, your calls are excellent and accurate👌🏻. I only followed BTCUSD. Honestly your analysis is so accurate that is making me to ask you to start Technical Analysis classes.

I learned some Technical Analysis by following your only one Ticker BTCUSD continuously.

🙏🏻Thanks bro🙏🏻
You are the Best in Technical Analysis👌🏻

Abdullah Elshamy (VIP)
Excellent service, the best I have seen in a year since I joined market. Keep up the good work

BiT73x (VIP)
Salaam Mark. As you know I am a fan of your work! You both show your understanding,how to approach and also capital management. You teach through your charts. Im impressed by how you manage your trades so from me. I have only good words for you and your Service. It in fact IS the most transarent reliable and accurate service available in crypto!

Smooch (VIP)
Salam bro
Honestly you have the best service in the crypto world for people who want to grow their capital , best thing is the way you manage to protect gains/ capital which is the most important thing in my opinion

Hush Trader (VIP)
Salam Brother Hamada.
Hope all is well, Brother I joined you and have been following you before you started this channel. like you mentioned: is your channel “The most transparent, reliable and accurate service!”; I would say it is beyond the transparent and reliable because you and your skill/knowledge/wisdom (which Allah has awarded you with) is behind it and when I follow you I have a piece of mind. So in summary I am very happy with the services you are providing and I have gained a lot of profits while following your signals.


Mark G (VIP)
The most transparent reliable and accurate service with great minds heading the service, your service has always been excellent bro

Eric Hung Nguyen (VIP)
Salam brother
It was the most amazing service that i got in crypto brother, i supported you since the 1st day will continue to do so in the future 🙂

Сергей (VIP)
I found Mark on TradingView more then one year ago. I remember signals on LTC in the mid of 2017. They were unbelievable, but successful in future.. I tried to read information and learnt something in this field, and when I read Mark it was exactly what I needed. Now I am reading The Wild Crypto learning materials, they becomes better and better. It’s very important. When you are working and have no time – it’s can be difficult to track signals (I don’t know how guys are making them – they are robots or something like that), and I found service 3Commas. And union of them (WC and 3C)- its something unbelievable. Everything is more automated now. New function “stop with timeout” made a gift for me – good nights without wake up. As for money: I have a deposit only 1500$ and don’t like to risk a lot, so 20$ for Altcoins and 10-15% for bitcoin is my maximum. It was one month when I made 300$ per month, and it was one when 10$ (maybe because of my vacation and bad internet there) But I tried few signals before, and in the most of them I just lose my money. I loose a lot before Wild Crypto and now find comfortable people for comfortable trading…

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