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Have a look at our consistent performance over the years. Results are shown quarter over quarter and if you like more details, you can click View Trades link to display the trades taken over that quarter.

Our Results in a Glance

2019 4500%, Total ROE
2020 6100%, Total ROE
2021 to Date 4850%, Total ROE

Trade Performance Over Quarters

Q2, 2018

Signals Profits: 5905%

Avg ROI: 1475%

Accuracy: 65%

Signals Produced: 274

Q3, 2018

Signals Profits: 3380%

Avg ROI: 840%

Accuracy: 75%

Signals Produced: 173

Q4, 2018

Signals Profits: 5400%

Avg ROI: 1350%

Accuracy: 80%

Signals Produced: 249

Q1, 2019

Signals Profits: 8170%

Avg ROI: 2040%

Accuracy: 84%

Signals Produced: 298

Q2, 2019

Signals Profits: 5440%

Avg ROI: 1360%

Accuracy: 75%

Signals Produced: 383

Q3, 2019

Signals Profits: 6095%

Avg ROI: 1520%

Accuracy: 78%

Signals Produced: 559

Q4, 2019

Signals Profits: 4870%

Avg ROI: 1217%

Accuracy: 89%

Signals Produced: 383

Q4, 2020

Signals Profits: 3874%

Avg ROI: 45%

Accuracy: 93%

Signals Produced: 86

Q1, 2020

Signals Profits: 9380%

Avg ROI: 2340%

Accuracy: 90%

Signals Produced: 509

Q2, 2020

Signals Profits: 11150%

Avg ROI: 2780%

Accuracy: 85%

Signals Produced: 310

Why Do We Use Signal Profit Instead of ROI?

You need to know there’s a difference between the signal profit and the return on investment (ROI).

Most VIP services calculate the return on the signal based on the last target achieved, not the return on investment (ROI) the point is they are signals providers, not account managers so they looking for signal profits not ROI.

To illustrate; if you bought LTC at $ 30 and you have 4 targets and TP4 was $60 here the signal gained 100% But the ROI cant be the same due to you already sold ltc on the previous 3 targets before reached the last target at $60.

So if the signals gained 100% this not means your invest gained 100% of course not, there a diff here and to count ROI, (signals profit /targets) 100% / 4 = 25%) 25% AVG profit is your ROI and this still an awesome profit due to you earn it with risk management, without leverage and without gambling with your money.

Our Live Results

Check Live Results
If you like, you can also check our results live as they are updated. We update the trading results on TP / SL of each trade. Please click the link below to access trading results page.